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Cloud Hosting

Microsoft 365 Migrations Explained

You might have heard about Microsoft’s rebrand of Office 365 – renaming many of its services and plans with the launch of Microsoft 365. Here are a few reasons as to why Microsoft 365 is a must-have for businesses of all sizes.

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Company Updates

Award Winners

We’re thrilled to announce that Provident IT Solutions were nominated for and got through to the finals of two categories in the Melton Times Achievement Awards of 2018: Best New Business & Best Young Entrepreneur!

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Computer Safety & Security

How to Text Your Friends & Family Securely

If you think about just how many messages you send through Facebook’s messenger app, and WhatsApp (owned by Facebook), how clear of a picture can they build of you from the things you say and who you say them to?

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Computer Safety & Security

Meltdown & Spectre

This week, news of massive security vulnerabilities affecting every recent model of Intel processor went public, even as developers for almost every major platform frantically rushed to roll out patches. We explore the two flaws in modern CPUs.

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Top Tips

Why is My Computer So Slow?

We’ve all been there, you need to get that email sent quickly or print off that document before you leave, and you’re already late. You fire up your Laptop and stand there waiting for seemingly decades as it slowly whirrs into life.

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