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Making the Move to the Cloud

Cloud servers have gained exceptional momentum in recent years within businesses of all sizes, locations and industries, and for a good reason; with it comes a vast array of productive business operations and cost-saving benefits. Traditional data centres leverage the power of one server’s CPU, RAM, storage and data transfers, whilst the cloud alternative harnesses several servers connected to the internet that work together to share the load. This gives your business and its system users stability and security, avoiding hardware issues commonly seen with on-premise physical servers – whilst keeping costs down.

Whether you need to replace an on-premises server, upgrade from a shared server environment or find a new home for your existing cloud activities, our fully supported cloud servers offer a cost-effective route to improved performance and flexibility. But what makes cloud servers so superior? And what can using the cloud bring to your business?

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How You Host, Not Where You Host

Faster Data Delivery Speeds and Performance

Businesses across the globe are improving their business operations with high-quality cloud infrastructure; achieving faster data delivery and increasing their system performance. One of the key advantages is that it can immediately identify which server is closest to the given audience, enabling them to obtain content and data from the nearest source, decreasing lag and delays by reducing the pressure on a single server’s resources.

Shared Responsibility for Security

Security is a huge responsibility. Many organisations jump to conclusions in assuming that cloud servers offers secondary security to a local server. However, they couldn’t be more wrong. The cloud’s main priority is to monitor security thoroughly; with it being isolated from any physical server or system issues such as hacking, system overload, adware or spyware, your systems will not be compromised or subjected to downtime. RapidScale claims that 94% of businesses saw an improvement in security after switching to the cloud and 91% said the cloud makes it easier to meet government compliance requirements. What’s not to love? 

Furthermore, unfortunately, a high percentage of data thefts occur internally. Thus, it is often much safer and beneficial to keep sensitive information stored securely offsite.

For the Modern Workforce of Today

Multiple sites? Remote working? Busy schedules? Cloud servers offer a successful way to ensure important information and systems are easily accessible to all, keeping all members of the organisation in the loop. Additionally, the cloud offers an overarching benefit of flexibility compared to a local or in-house server. Traditionally, if you require extra bandwidth, this would mean undergoing an expensive and complicated overhaul of your IT infrastructure. However, with the fantastic flexibility of the cloud, this demand can be met instantaneously, effectively meeting your business operations. 

Proactive Disaster Recovery Solutions

A robust disaster recovery plan is a critical procedure that businesses of all sizes should be investing in; however, many companies fall short. Data loss is a massive concern for all organisations and businesses alike, and unfortunately, despite all your best efforts, there is always a risk of PC malfunctions or lost laptops. Storing data in the cloud will offer you total peace-of-mind and provide speedy data recovery for all kinds of disastrous or emergency scenarios. 

A Cost-Effective Solution

Cloud servers enable businesses to benefit from secure, high-performance infrastructure while saving time, money and stress. Often, enterprises overspend when it comes to purchasing hardware. Additionally, hardware can be seasonal, and businesses usually do not buy enough and end up spending more money than anticipated further down the line. Cloud servers enable you to only pay for the necessary services your business needs. Furthermore, all software updates and maintenance are included in your cloud server package, allowing your employees to concentrate on what they were hired to do. 


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