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Protecting You From Cyber Threats

Working within an ever-evolving digital universe, all businesses face a higher risk of more advanced and complex cyber threats. Managing your organisation’s IT security is a crucial component in keeping your systems and data safe – but rest assured, Provident IT are here to help.

Effective IT security must consider many layers of protection, aside from simple, off-the-shelf anti-virus software. The more layers of your system you protect, the more effective security will be, lowering the risk of compromised networks or devices. By taking cyber-security seriously, you don’t just minimise the risk to your business, but also keep your promises and responsibilities to your established client base.

At Provident IT, we understand that protecting your business is critical and that all companies have unique security needs. We offer comprehensive specialised digital protection, bespoke for your organisation, that proactively monitors, tests and fixes any areas of vulnerability that may arise. With years of knowledge and expertise on cyber-security, we utilise unrivalled, industry-leading technology, ensuring your business is secure and safe from every angle. 

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Why is IT Security so important?

A single successful attack, such as a breach of customer credit card data, can cause irreversible damage to your brand.

Protect Confidential Data

Data privacy and protection goes much further than just keeping hackers at bay. Insufficient protection of confidential data can damage your business reputation like no other, in addition to incurring substantial financial penalties if GDPR procedures are not followed correctly. Our optimal data security solution offers guaranteed protection against possible data breaches.

Reduce Downtime

Website and system downtime can bring your business to a standstill. If your business is targeted for a cyber-attack, or your system becomes infected, you may lose money from missed transactions, experience detrimental effects to your business reputation and risk lasting damage to your systems. We ensure that all systems are functioning effectively, improving business continuity.

Increased Productivity

Viruses, adware and spyware can make operations practically impossible, resulting in wasted time for employees, reduced productivity and lost money for the business. Within the UK, 39% of businesses experience security attacks that divert staff time or cause internal disruption each year. Our security strategies maximise efficiency by preventing costly downtime.


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At Provident IT Solutions, our clients’ satisfaction is our top priority. But don’t just take our word from it – take a read of our glowing reviews from our valued clients, and find out why they trust us for their IT needs.