Hosted Telephony

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The Benefits of Moving To the Cloud

Traditional Private Branch Exchange phone systems, or PBX, have historically been the backbone of telephony, with a telephone line required for every office phone used to make outbound calls. However, as internet access and software functionality have boomed, Hosted or Cloud Telephony systems are becoming more and more common across the UK, offering a wide range of benefits to small, medium and large businesses alike.

Imagine a situation where you no longer have to worry about hardware or maintenance, and where you’re free of expensive engineer call-outs to fix the phone line that’s gone down… yet again. Hosted Telephony, otherwise known as VoIP, Cloud PBX or Hosted Voice, is where your telecoms services are provided via the internet, rather than a physical phone line. With a huge range of benefits on offer from enhanced flexibility to cost savings, we’ll explain why cloud-based phone systems aren’t just another buzzword.


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Achieve More With Hosted Telephony

Protect Business Continuity

When it comes to your IT infrastructure, it’s more than likely than you have a disaster recovery (DR) plan in place – protecting your critical systems in the event of a power cut, hardware failure or administrative error. But how about your telephony systems? In the event of a disaster, Hosted Telephony solutions provide true peace of mind, offering disaster avoidance rather than disaster recovery. Unable to make or receive calls on-site? Simply reroute inbound calls to another site, call centre, or to mobiles, enabling you to maintain business-as-usual and a continuous level of service for your customers.

Preparing for a Modern Workforce

As technology advances, more and more businesses are staffed by employees working on the move or from home. With Hosted Telephony, it’s easy to automatically transfer calls to mobiles, or even ring the desk phone and mobile simultaneously, for seamless compatibility with any form of flexible working scenario. Staff working away from the office have the full range of telephony capabilities at their fingertips, answering incoming calls, transferring calls to other team members and even making outbound calls from their mobile whilst presenting the office landline number. All without needing a smartphone or special application – just their standard mobile handset and an internet connection.

Technology That Grows With You

As your business grows and changes, Hosted Telephony can also provide a huge flexibility bonus with easy scalability. Due to the flexibility provided by cloud communications, Hosted Telephony solutions are fully modular – meaning you can add more phones to your system as simply as purchasing the hardware and plugging into the internet, without the need for expensive engineers.

Measure Your Productivity

One of the many features of a Hosted Telephony solution is that calls can be centrally recorded and logged, which is ideal for any business that must comply with any regulations demanding fully-traceable call records. In addition, the ability to monitor calling patterns, call durations and times of day provide a transparent way for supervisors to measure staff efficiency and productivity, whilst ensuring work schedules are fully adhered to.


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