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Modern World VoIP

In our previous article we explored the traditional methods of communication that we are all familiar with, and explained how these methods are simply no longer good enough to assist your organisation in the modern digital age. In this article we will explore modern communicative methods and the power they have in the future of your business.

Communication for the modern business

VoIP – Telephony for the modern business

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. VoIP allows you to make a call directly using a computer or a VoIP phone from anywhere, all whilst still keeping the same contact number.

ISDN (traditional telephony for businesses) is nearing end of life. Traditional phone lines are now unfit for purpose, but the main reason is price – it can be extortionate. VoIP, with its comparatively low-price tag and its advanced capabilities, allows you to communicate with your team no matter where they are in the world!

Why is VoIP the obvious replacement?

The ‘office setting’ from anywhere

VoIP allows you to appear more professional than you are, because your clients can think you spend every waking minute at your desk – as that is where they always reach you – when in reality you could be anywhere in the world.

VoIP allows you to better your levels of professionalism in comparison to traditional telephony with no change to the process for your customers. Your clients can make a call and be greeted by the same professional company greeting. This is integral to the success or failure of the contact – for new customers in particular, this is essential to develop trust and the portrayal of professionalism within your organisation.


A traditional phone line that runs to a business has a specific number assigned to it. With the transition to remote working, your employees have to remember complex codes and keys to dial in order for their device to appear as the office number. This process is not only laborious for your team but also wastes a lot of time that could otherwise be spent on being productive.

VoIP makes it possible to have a team that work from a variety of different locations with little to no effect on the service they provide your customer base because it will appear to your clients that they are still at their desks.


Voicemail was once a key part of business all over the globe but VoIP has made it obsolete; because VoIP allows you to choose where your calls ring and for how long. You could theoretically have the first rings take place to your office, the second to your home, the third to your mobile – this will allow you to make a guarantee to your customers – something that is never normally a wise thing to do – that you will never miss a call.


By correctly implementing the tools we described above you can make guarantees that you couldn’t before. By choosing where your calls are forwarded to, in the event of disaster you can simply route your calls to another location, allowing you to guarantee a certain quality of service no matter the circumstances.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is one of the latest and greatest additions to the Microsoft ecosystem of tools, and has already amassed a daily user count of over 250 million people worldwide (in over 180 countries). Teams integrates with all tools in the Microsoft ecosystem and allows you to share files, co-ordinate tasks, and schedule meetings all from one place. In-house Emailing can become a thing of the past, and utlising Teams can project your business into the future.

It is essential that you keep up to date with the technical landscape of workplaces around the world, because this is the only way to ensure that you are getting the tools that will benefit your team.

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Modern World VoIP

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