Modern World Communication – The Dated Methods

Modern World Communication

The modern workplace has been transformed over recent times; this is predominantly due to the ever-increasing reliance on technology that we have all fostered. Technology will always evolve – this fact will never change – and therefore, we must strive to evolve with it, because tech – like your team – is only good if it is used to its full potential.

Whatever you change in the workplace there is always one constant – communication. Communication is the lynchpin to every successful organisation on the planet, so to run effectively you need to be able to always communicate with your client base – and your team – effectively.

Communication – in line with the technological advancements we have enjoyed over recent years – has changed, but let’s not forget some of the more traditional ways of communicating in our workplaces.

Communication – The traditional methods


Since the early 70’s Emails have played an integral role in keeping us connected to each other and our client base – it proved to be revolutionary across the globe. Any form of tech rarely has such a long life, and Email has been the exception – but now, in the modern age, business owners are asking themselves ‘Is Email good enough in today’s world?’.

Spam is a big problem for modern businesses, and, frankly, it has been the dark cloud hovering over Email and its capabilities for some time now. Sorting Spam Emails can take too long in the modern workplace – there is simply no time to scroll through an endless onslaught of adverts and promotions on the off chance that there is something buried in there which is actually of value.

Conveying messages can be very time consuming too – in a busy, modern workplace this wasted time can be far better used elsewhere.

The Telephone

The telephone is – and it is fair to say, always will be – the most important form of communication any workplace has. The modern world offers many wonderful alternatives to the telephone, but it still stands as the most personable form of communication behind a face-to-face meet. We all know the power of our tone of voice, the language, and the mannerisms that we choose to adopt when trying to talk business with an existing or, even more crucially, a potential client. Using these methods will normally get you better results as you can adapt a conversation as it progresses.

Microsoft Teams and Zoom offer great alternatives, but for an impromptu, on-the-spot conversation that is relatively urgent, or when a conversation needs a level of personability to it, the telephone is the first and best choice by far.

We are not recommending that business owners get rid of their office telephones and use the alternatives alone – but a hybrid of the two and a makeover of your current system is highly recommended.

Modern clients aren’t loyal, and they are used to being in constant contact with everybody in their lives, so if they can’t reach you they will simply take their money elsewhere, or, at the very least,  their level of dedication to your organisation will be slashed. The telephone is the main lifeline to all vital entities across your entire organisation – your customers, your suppliers, your own internal team. If you wish to reach the levels of collaboration between the different parts of your business that you need in order to continue growing and thriving you must always be contactable. Modern customers have little empathy with your reason for being unavailable – they will simply take their business elsewhere.


Meetings – thankfully – no longer consist of you and all your employees centred around a cramped desk. Meetings conducted in this way have always been a problem – this may be why they are often not as common as would be beneficial. It can be hard to find a time and date that suits the team, and getting them in on their day off is practically unheard of. In recent years, the right tech has made it possible for businesses to adopt a new solution that avoids all the time and effort normally spent on organising a meeting.

We will explore modern communicative methods in the next article and see how they have the power to revolutionise your workplace and take you into the future with technology as a powerful ally.

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Communication in the Modern World

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