Microsoft 365 Migrations Explained

You might have heard about Microsoft’s rebrand of Office 365 – renaming many of its services and plans with the launch of Microsoft 365. Here are a few reasons as to why Microsoft 365 is truly a must-have for businesses of all sizes and industries.

Microsoft 365 includes all the apps and services that you have probably heard about over the past years which are part of their subscription packages, as well as a tonne of new features.

The new features are an excellent way to improve team communication, productivity, and streamline your business processes while also providing an solid layer of security for your business’s data.

What could a Microsoft 365 Migration do for your business?

Simply put, Microsoft 365 offers the best security, cloud services, device management and arguably most important – the Microsoft Office productivity suite to its end users.

However, many existing users of the ecosystem are not making the most of all the features Microsoft 365 has to offer since so many services are included with some licenses. By having our experts perform this migration, we can investigate your current business processes, migrate current services whilst developing a roadmap to adopt new services which may well to increased productivity and far less headaches for users.

One of the most highly rated of these for improved business processes is Microsoft Teams – a modern cloud-based communication system which integrates into Office 365 and offers features like sharing files directly from SharePoint cloud file storage, video, and audio calls etc. Think of it as Facebook messenger – minus the cat pictures, for businesses.

Microsoft 365 Migrations Made Easy

The biggest concern with any form of migration/platform changes to an IT system is the potential for prolonged downtime and any loss of business which may occur – and in worst cases, the migration failing and not having a back-out plan to restore services if necessary.

To “save” time and money, some businesses attempt to perform their Microsoft 365 migration inhouse, which in some cases, can go wrong: becoming more and more complex and time-consuming – and at worst, huge security flaws are left as a result.

At Provident IT we provide a remote Microsoft 365 migration service for businesses – which can be undertaken with minimal downtime! We aim for a turnaround of 2 days for a basic email migration and SharePoint data migration, though sometimes this can be up and running much faster.

You can rest assured that our expert technicians know exactly what to do to minimise downtime by preparing for the migration in advance, so we are ready to change your services at “ the flick of a switch”.

After performing a migration, we can provide end user training and assistance, to help staff adopt these services, resolve teething issues and begin resume working as soon possible whilst adopting new services.

With the correct know how, bringing Microsoft 365 to your business, is a lot less of a headache than you might think.

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